Coming Summer 2025

Portrait Painting Workshop in Wilton, NH

When we look out into the world we trust what we see with our eyes and believe we know reality, yet when we start painting we discover that’s not what appears on the canvas!

This is a 6-day workshop where we explore perceiving, discovering and painting through creating a self portrait.  We will look at our face, find our archetypal proportions and transform  common  and personal misconceptions.  We will learn to turn to our neighbor to improve our sight, and through the work become more familiar with acrylic paints, colors, each other and most of all our self!

Where: at Groh Farm in Wilton, NH

When: postponed till summer 2025

Why: to practice courage, increase our capacity to see, deepen our self knowledge and, of course to co-create a more beautiful future our heart know is possible.

Cost: $777 early bird/ $850 after May 31, 2024

In addition to the painting sessions and yoga classes your fee includes paint, one canvas, 6 delicious organic lunches, snacks, coffee and tea.

What you need to bring:

For Painting:

1-4 pictures of yourself, finding several will just give you more choices… i often choose one that has good contrast….  get one that really shows your face, but also feels like you..  don’t trip too hard… even an mediocre photo can become a spectacular piece of art!

And wear cloths that aren’t precious or pack an apron, cause once acrylic dries it doesn’t come off!

Feel free to bring:  if you paint at home and want to use your own brushes feel free to bring them. 

For Yoga:cloths that you can move and sweat in, leggings rather than sweat pants.

Yoga mat and any props you like to use


some comments from a storytelling and painting course in the past:

“I booked a place on the ‘ What the I can see – Portraiture and autobiographical storytelling’ last year. I was a little apprehensive as I had a real ‘ block’ when it come to working with my hands, the thought of painting was really scary ! But I loved autobiographical storytelling, it has become my main area of work as a storyteller, Theatre Director and Drama practitioner. So I went on the course, I just had to ! It was yet another life changing experience in the storytelling hut at The International School of storytelling. I met up with old friends and met new friends and what I found really exhilarating and refreshing about this course was how sharing and open our Teachers Roi and Rachel were. They shared their vulnerabilities as as an artist and as a storyteller/ Teacher. My portrait ( which I painted, wow!) sits in my room and I still look at it, its titled, ‘ She’s back’ and yes I look at it and remember that very special time I had finding out what the I can see”
Eleanor Shaw
Founder and Director of Spoken Word Saturday at Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli, South/West Wales

“.. I went to therapy on Thursday as usual, and my therapist commented on my smile, as if she had never really seen or noticed my smile before, and when she asked me about what was different, I realised, that standing in front of the canvas and photo for five days, something of that image had imprinted itself on my inner eye. I have always had problems with any sense of identity that is internalised, due to my very troubled up bringing I suppose. and now, somehow, that image has crept into my sense of self. and I see myself inside, in that huge smile, and it has change me. it really has given me a positive sense of self, as a person who has a huge smile, and a right and capacity to smile hugely…..with support and great encouragement, (this course) has given me a whole new and more visual sense of who I can be, how I can become. “
from one of last years participants who wished to stay anonymous