some comments about last years course:

one student from last years course wrote “This combination of creative worlds is the most amazing, memorable and energizing experience. One which I whole-heartedly recommend for everyones must do list. I signed up with some basics of storytelling but never having painted beyond primary school. What I experienced during the week itself was fantastic camaraderie amongst storytellers and artists, ranging from complete beginners to experts, combined with the buzz of discovering new skills and personal insights that could only come from this unique partnership of media and skilled facilitation.” thank you Joss 

“I booked a place on the ‘ What the I can see – Portraiture and autobiographical storytelling’ last year. I was a little apprehensive as I had a real ‘ block’ when it come to working with my hands, the thought of painting was really scary ! But I loved autobiographical storytelling, it has become my main area of work as a storyteller, Theatre Director and Drama practitioner. So I went on the course, I just had to ! It was yet another life changing experience in the storytelling hut at The International School of storytelling. I met up with old friends and met new friends and what I found really exhilarating and refreshing about this course was how sharing and open our Teachers Roi and Rachel were. They shared their vulnerabilities as as an artist and as a storyteller/ Teacher. My portrait ( which I painted, wow!) sits in my room and I still look at it, its titled, ‘ She’s back’ and yes I look at it and remember that very special time I had finding out what the I can see”
Eleanor Shaw
Founder and Director of Spoken Word Saturday at Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli, South/West Wales

“.. I went to therapy on Thursday as usual, and my therapist commented on my smile, as if she had never really seen or noticed my smile before, and when she asked me about what was different, I realised, that standing in front of the canvas and photo for five days, something of that image had imprinted itself on my inner eye. I have always had problems with any sense of identity that is internalised, due to my very troubled up bringing I suppose. and now, somehow, that image has crept into my sense of self. and I see myself inside, in that huge smile, and it has change me. it really has given me a positive sense of self, as a person who has a huge smile, and a right and capacity to smile hugely…..with support and great encouragement, (this course) has given me a whole new and more visual sense of who I can be, how I can become. ”
from one of last years participants who wished to stay anonymous

General instructions for most painting classes :

Clothing:  When acrylic paint dries it will stay on your clothing, so wear something that you don’t mind getting paint on.

Photo:  Bring 1-4 pictures of yourself or someone else.  Choose a subject that you have emotions about, around or for.  Pick a photo that has high contrast and really shows your (their) face,  as well as feels like you (them).  Don’t worry too much about the photo, even an mediocre photo can become a spectacular piece of art!

Canvas: 30cmX30cm- 60cmX60cm”  any size in between, rectangle or square.  I prefer the gallery style canvas that has a thick side.

Acrylic Paints: Essentially several  different colors you like, but here are suggestions:

**titanium white,

titanium buff white ( off white)

*azo yellow

*dairylide yellow

naples yellow

gold (metallic)

cadmium orange

*pyrrol red

*cadmium red deep hue

quinacridone magenta

**dioxazine purple


*phthalo blue

phthalo green (blue shade)

medium gel or glaze (satin, matte or gloss)

*any variety of the primary colors, one cool and one warm..

**I use a lot of these in my work

Brushes: a small, a medium and a large brush for acrylics,   the large should be at least 2.54 cm ish.. i am not going to check 😉 also its worth not getting the cheapest set because they often shed.. so if its between one good one or three not so good ones, get the good one and i have extra brushes  you can borrow 🙂

Water Container: Jar or plastic container for paint,  greek yogurt containers or big glass jars are optimal

peace and love, rachel