Each session with me is unique and in someways unpredictable but what you can expect is a deep and personal conversation that will answer some questions and leave you feeling more connected to yourself and the whole universe.
Right now I am offering 3 different types of readings:
Cosmic  Orientation  (recommended for first time you are coming to see me)
In this session we start  with a guided meditation connecting you to the different planets through how they relate to your body and psyche.  Then I will move through your chart and tell the story of where your soul.hopes to go in this lifetime, what challenges are likely  to arise and what strengths  you have to support reaching your soul’s  desired destination.  While lots of popular astrology is busy talking about your personality, Evolutionary Astrology focuses on bringing to light the more mysterious, subtle but persevering elements of your being.   Even though this reading gives a broader stroke we can work with a question or issue.
1200-2000 SEK/ 120-200$/120-200€
Stellar Inquiry
This kind of session is a good when you are feeling challenged by what life is presenting you with and want to use the stars and me as guide. In this session I will use your questions to guide us through your chart lifting up your souls desired goal, how it affects your present dilemma. what challenges and strengths your natal chart offers you  and what themes the next couple of months may present you.  sometimes i will offer a card reading or a meditation that complements the reading. 
1200-2000 SEK/ 120-200$/120-200€
Star Souls
This is a reading for both you and your partner and especially great if one or both you have done a orientation session some time before.  First we will start with a short guided meditation orienting towards the planets and connecting to a quiet internal space. I  will share an overview of each of your charts  and look at where your soul want to go individually in this lifetime.  Then we will look at a midpoint composite chart of your relationship, looking at what this relation ship wants to develop.  Finally through looking at the synastry (how two charts line up) and transits we will talk about the challenges and strengths that you bring out in each other and have in the relationship.  
2000-2800 SEK/ 200-280$/200-280€
Most sessions are between 1 hour and 1.5 hours for an individual and up to 2 hours for two people. I offer sessions either at my house in Järna or on zoom.
Once you decide you want a reading  and which one, send me your info:
Date of Birth
Place of Birth
And Time
Feel free to include relevant questions and background and of course if you need more information on something 🙂 After I have received your information I like to have about two weeks to muse and dream on your chart before we meet and I will send you my availability so we can book a time.
I really look forward to meeting you and your planets more.
Lots of love, Rachel